Rogue Carrots makes local organically Grown produce readily accessible for everyone.  We are a small scale urban farm with a focus on community and a zero waste policy.

Clare  Armando  Leo & Finnegan


Our Story

Our adventure began many moons ago..

But seriously, we embarked on this journey in 2009. Eight years ago! We took a 2-month trip to Paraguay to learn about homesteading from Abuela Báez. A few years later we took another extended trip to Ireland through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) to learn about eco friendly construction, renewable energy and small scale organic farming (also we just wanted to travel and damn if WWOOFing isn't the best way to do just that). 

Along the way we had two boys, Leo and Finnegan.  They are never happier than when outside running wild and free.  And so here we are, creating a small space on this planet for our dreams and hopes to flourish.