Making nutritious food readily accessible for everyone

We are an urban collective in Bloomington, IL focused on community, food education and food access for all.

Our Story

Clare, Armando, Leo, Finnegan & Fergus

We embarked on this journey in 2009. So many years ago! We took a 2-month trip to Paraguay to learn about homesteading from Abuela Báez. A few years later we took another extended trip to Ireland through World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) to learn about eco friendly construction, renewable energy and small scale organic farming (also we just wanted to travel and damn if WWOOFing isn't the best way to do just that). 

Then again, a few years later we left our jobs and made the drastic decision to move into a school bus turned tiny home.  Armando took an internship with a well respected organic farmer in Central Illinois and I took on the role of stay at home parent.  We packed up, sold, or gave away 80% of our possessions keeping only what we truly needed on the bus.  We moved to the woods and so began our final "Hey let's quit our jobs and start something new" adventure.  We learned everything we could about sustainable farming from seed to storage.  We also learned what it's like to live in a 40 ft bus with 2 adults, 1 preschooler and a toddler.  

After a year we left Henry's farm with a renewed passion for small scale farming and living a conscience slow life.  We had all this new farm knowledge and energy that we needed to channel towards a path, a goal. We really needed a way to farm on our own terms.  We wanted to have a balance between farm life and family life.  We realized for us this meant urban farming.  That involved a move into town, we purchased a house (don't worry we still have the bus- it's in our driveway), and turned the yard into our farm. Growing food in our front yard is just the start!

And so here we are, creating a small space on this planet for our dreams and hopes to flourish.