Tiny Home School Bus

The closest thing to a tiny home for us was the experience of living in a 1-bedroom apartment. It was just the two of us and cramped! So, we weren't sure how it would play out, but knew that a tiny home fit our desired lifestyle perfectly - low cost, minimalistic, tight-knit, hands-on. So we went for it and bought a real, live, working (but retired) school bus. When we moved in it felt cathartic to get rid of unnecessary stuff. And not paying rent is THE BEST! 

Leo and Finnegan have taken everything in stride. There has been an increase in skirmishes between them because of the close quarters but I also see how happy they are to be outside more. We're realizing that we can live in a small space with less and be happy.

Pros: There's less to clean, dramatically lower monthly expenses, a good excuse to spend more time outside, much smaller carbon footprint and it's helped us pair down our belongings.

Cons: We had to pack away most of our clothing (I miss my chunky sweaters and dresses), there's a major lack of privacy and it's harder to entertain friends. 

Our bus was built in CA in 1973. It is a Crown Coach school bus whose working career was spent shuttling kids to and fro in the Ray Mine District of Arizona.  The original owner Reginald, designed the bus layout and did all the hard construction.  You know, ripping out the entirety of the interior, plumbing, shelving etc...he really transformed it into his traveling companion. Reginald has been driven all over Canada and the US, from British Columbia to just seven miles shy of the Mexican border.

The bus is 40 ft long, powered by a Cummins 250 lying underneath on its side and coupled to an Allison six-speed automatic. Power hits the ground through 8 20-inch tires on tandem axles. It has the biggest brakes possible which allow it to be driven anywhere.

Some of our skoolie's features include:

  • 100 gallon stainless steel water tank

  • Bosch LP on demand water heater

  • Reclaimed hard wood floors and hardware

  • European style washer/dryer combo

  • Oak and pine wood walls

  • fireplace

  • eco friendly bathroom

  • Solar panels

  • local artwork